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Custom Birthdays



If you are wanting a unqiue creation - something that reflects who you are and the event you are celebrating, allow Kiki and Poppi to design something that is exclusively yours.


Invitation designs are limitless and Kiki and Poppi truly bring them to life with ideas such as invitations on lollipops, balloons tied to invitations so guests are literally blown away and much more!


Browse through and be inspired.  


Email to place an order or enquire.

Birthday: Peter-Jacob's 1st Birthday


Theme: Bunting

Elements created: Invitations, address labels, personalised bunting sign, personalised water bottles, party favours, party hats and thank you's.



Birthday: Carters's 1st Birthday


Theme: Balloons

Elements created: Invitations, address labels, personalised water bottles, personalised chocolate bars, party favours including lollipops and jars of play dough, dessert table cards and thank you's.



Birthday: Zis' 1st Birthday


Theme: Mickey Mouse

Elements created: Invitations, address labels, envelope seals, personalised water bottles, personalised cookie tags and banner.


Birthday: Zara's 1st Birthday


Theme: Hot pink and one candle


Elements created: Invitations, address labels, napkin and cutlery holders, chocolate bars


Birthday: Lily-Rose  |  1st Birthday


Theme: Pastels and Lollies


Elements created: Invitations, candy jars and noodle boxes.

Birthday: Kylie  |  30th Birthday


Theme: Fushia, friendship and flowers


Elements created: Invitations, menu, place cards and wine bottle tags.

Birthday: Chloe  |  1st Birthday


Theme: Pink and white stripes


Elements created: Invitations, candy buffet and banner

Birthday: Lara  |  1st Birthday


Theme: Purple and pink flowers and butterflies


Elements created: Invitations, posters and cookie tags

Birthday: Maree  |  30th Birthday


Theme: Superhero's and villans


Elements created: Invitations and faux postage stamps

Birthday: Lorenzo  |  1st Birthday


Theme: The Hungry Catepillar


Elements created: Invitations, personalised chocolates, personalised water bottles, poster and noodle boxes

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